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Maintaining The Apostles’ Doctrine

And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.

The history of The Glorious Apostolic Church has its beginnings under the leadership of the late Pastor/Overseer Roceda J. Hines. She was married to the late Willie Hines and was blessed with a total of fifteen children. Called to the ministry early during her marriage, Pastor Hines heeded the call to establish a ministry in Darlington, SC in May 1982. Initially, the ministry started as a prayer band in her residence with just a few participants. After much prayer and fasting Pastor Hines was led to an old, dilapidated washerette/doctor’s office on Avenue C in Darlington, SC. The condition of the building was seemingly unfit to occupy, but with the help of God and a few faithful hands the old run-down washerette was renovated into a place of worship within one month. In June 1982, the doors of St. Matthews Mission were officially opened with Roceda Hines as founder and pastor.

Initially, services were held in only one side of the building, but as the congregation began to grow the members realized the need to enlarge the sanctuary by renovating the remainder of the building. Through the ministry at this infant stage God worked wonders, including saving Pastor Hines’s husband and countless other souls. She and the founding members were diligent in their modest beginnings and because of their devotion to the ministry, many people sought guidance under her ministry. St. Matthews Mission continued steadfast on Avenue C even after the death of her companion in March 1988. However, her work in the ministry did not falter. In July of that same year, the pastor and saints of st. Matthews were blessed with a much larger facility on 300 E. Hampton Street in Darlington, SC. Subsequently, the name of the church was changed to its current name modeled after the scripture according to Ephesians 5:27. The Glorious Church continued ministering to the surrounding area faithfully until April 11, 1997 when Pastor Roceda Hines was called to rest after an illness. Prior to her death she appointed Joseph Hines (who was an Elder at the time) as Pastor-In-Charge.

In June 1997, Elder Joseph Hines, husband to the former Linda Ann Ashley, was ordained and installed as Pastor of The Glorious Apostolic Church by Bishop R.F. Davis, Executive Chairman of The Greater Highway Christian Churches, Inc. He took hold of the mantle and continued steadfastly in the pastorate for three years until he was installed as Bishop into the Apostolic Churches of Jesus Christ, Inc. by Bishop Kenneth J. Swaringer, presiding prelate. Father of two sons, Bishop Hines serves with a holistic ministry deeply rooted in the Apostle’s doctrine. He conducts an in-depth couples’ and marriage seminar, organizes annual fellowship retreats, administers spirit-led counseling, and travels extensively working in the ministry. St. James Apostolic Holiness Church, Pastor Victoria Washington of Kingstree, S.C. is now under the leadership of the Glorious Apostolic Church Ministry. The doors of The Glorious Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, Inc. officially opened its doors at this present location on September 15, 2002. We are gathered here today to celebrate the move of God in blessing us with this place of worship and welcome you to share with us as we invite the spirit of God in this building to the furtherance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Founder: Pastor Roceda Hines
Presiding Bishop: Joseph Hines Sr